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Hibiscus Coast Rock 'n' Roll Club dance - January 2014

NYE 2013 at Henderson R.S.A.

Wellsford Rockers Xmas Dance - December 2013

Wellsford Rockers 1st Dance - June 2013


Avondale R.S.A. Halloween Party 2012


Warkworth R.S.A. - 6th July 2012

Fundraiser at Dairy Flat Hall - 26th February 2012

The Guys at Henderson R.S.A. - 10th February 2012

Christmas Eve 2011 at Avondale R.S.A.

Halloween Party 2011 at Papatoetoe R.S.A.

St Patrick's Day 2011 Celebration at "Visions Waitakere"

Christmas Eve 2010 at Papatoetoe R.S.A.
(what a fantastic evening it was, the naughty fairy, Santa, the gorgeous elf, carol singers, lots of lovely costumes ...)


"Christmas Fiesta" 2010 at Birkenhead


Hawaiian Party 2010 at "Visions Waitakere"

Halloween Party 2010 at Henderson R.S.A.

Auckland Rock 'n' Roll Club 31st Birthday - 2011

Auckland Rock 'n Roll Club 30th Birthday - 2010

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Line Dancers at Avondale R.S.A.


The Guys at Auckland Rock 'n' Roll Club

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  Dancers at Papatoetoe R.S.A.

Whether you prefer to dance or just relax and listen, 
we play music for all occasions


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