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Page last updated 3rd December 2018

I send out an occasional email message to everyone on the Email Contacts List below, advising them of changes that have been made to the website and other information of interest (e.g. bereavements, meetings, etc).

Note that all messages sent to the list are sent as individual copies using the 'Mail Chimp' email service, so your email address will never be made public unless you've specifically asked me to show it on the website.

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Current Email List

Name Email Address
Adrian Holland
Alan Galbraith  
Alastair Riddell  
Alex Behrens
Ali Richardson  
Allan Brown  
Andrew Forrer  
Andrew London
Andrew Miller  
Andy Shackleton
Andy Anderson  
Andy Maitland  
Arun Andrew Raj
Barry Clewett  
Barry Coupland  
Barry Leef  
Barry Millage
Barry Rushton
Barry Smith
Ben Grubb
Bernard Fouhy  
Bernie Allen
Bill Belton
Bill London
Bill Patchett  
Bill Ward
Billy Brown  
Billy Kristian  
Bob McLeod  
Bob Pattinson  
Brian Bushby
Brian Magill  
Brian Mouton  
Brian Smith
Bridget Allen  
Bruce Aitken  
Bruce Coleman  
Bruce Jarvis
Bruce Johnstone
Bruce King  
Bruce Sergent  
Bruce Todd
Bruce Warwick  
Buddy Wilson
Byron Knight
Caii-Michelle Gordon
Cass Gascoigne
Carl Evensen  
Chris Ampleford  
Chris Baillie
Chris James  
Chris Kirkland  
Chris Parfitt  
Chris Thompson  
Cliff Andrews  
Clive Cockburn  
Colin Lock  
Colleen Fouhy  
Colleen Neemia  
Costa Christie
Craig Reeves  
Danny Daniels
Danny Ryan  
Danny Shaw  
Dave Brown
Dave Chapman
Dave Clark
Dave Duffell  
Dave (Guru) Gorrie
Dave Hurley  
Dave Mitchell  
Dave Orams  
Dave Russell  
Dave 'Red' Williamson
David Clark  
David Leith  
David Lush
David Marshall  
David Nathanson
David Weston
Denis Gilmore  
Dennis Grant
Dennis Shearer  
Dennis Stott  
Denny Behrens
Des Britten  
Dick Le Fort  
Dilworth Karaka  
Dinah Lee  
Dixon McIvor  
Don Clarkson  
Don Evans  
Don Wilson  
Doug Harrap  
Doug Jerebine  
Doug Thomas
Eddie O'Strange  
Errol Timbers  
Frankie Stevens  
Frits Stigter  
Garry Betti  
Gary Daverne
Garry McSherry
Garry Miller  
Garry O'Keeffe
Garth Young  
George Burrell  
George Sabbage  
George Tanner
Gerard Smith
Gib Williamson  
Glen Absolum  
Glenn A. Baker  
Glenn Evans
Glyn Tucker  
Gordon Hutchison  
Gordon Jenkins  
Graeme Wilson
Graham Atkinson  
Graham Barnett  
Graham Clark  
Graham Gibson  
Graham Gill
Graham Macfarlane  
Grant Gillanders
Gray Bartlett  
Hank Davis  
Ian Hull-Brown  
Ian Saxon  
Jackie Bishop  
Jill Anthony  
Jim Ellyett  
Jim Pilcher
Jim Rowe  
Jimmy Murphy  
Jocelyn Aydon  
John Baker  
John Bilderbeck
John Campion  
John Chappell
John Dix  
John Donoghue
John England  
John Hayes
John MacRae  
John McCormick  
John Niland
John O'Connor  
John Pickworth
John Poole  
John Russell  
John van der Reyden  
John Walmsley  
John Williams  
Johnny Campbell
Jon Friis
Judy Donaldson  
Judy Girvan  
June Hayes
Kane Smith
Karl du Fresne  
Karl Gordon  
Keith (Haggis) McIntyre
Ken Cooper
Ken Green
Kerry Adams  
Kerry Hawksworth  
Kevin Borich
Kevin Clark
Kevin Frewer
Kevin Hill
Kevin McKeefry  
Kevin Mcneil
Kevin Watson
Larry Elliott  
Larry McKay  
Larry Morris  
Laurence Cooper
Len Fifield  
Leo Sleeman  
Les Gruebner  
Lou Parun  
Mal Vance  
Malcolm Finlayson  
Malcolm McCallum  
Maria Reid  
Mark Davis  
Martin Forrer  
Martin Hope  
Marty Duda  
Maurice Greer  
Max Hyde
Max Merritt  
Max Purdie  
Mel Gurney  
Merv Adair  
Michelle O'Donnell
Midge Marsden  
Mike Boase  
Mike Kelly  
Mike Lewis  
Mike Reilly  
Mike Shackleton
Mike Walker  
Murray Hancox
Murray Muzza Inglis
Murray Loveridge
Mykl Lozin  
Nathan Trainor  
Neil Harrap
Neil Rowland  
Nelson Crisp  
Neville Claughton
Neville Male  
Noel Evans  
Noel Forsyth  
Noel Peterson
Patrick Harrison
Pat Southee  
Paul Edwards
Paul Griffin  
Paul Gurney  
Paul Johnstone
Paul Martin
Paul Muggleston
Paul Whyte
Pete Grattan
Pete McGregor  
Peter Banks  
Peter Blake  
Peter Cox  
Peter Hall
Peter Hansen  
Peter Hindmarsh
Peter Kershaw  
Peter Martin  
Peter McKee
Peter Nelson  
Peter Pritchard
Peter Sheehan
Peter Traille  
Peter Williams
Phil Jones  
Phil Hope
Raeburn Somervell  
Ralph Cohen  
Ray Ahipene-Mercer  
Ray Judson  
Ray Kelsey
Ray Tombs
Ray Woolf  
Rex Wenham  
Richard Adcock  
Richard Nicholson  
Richard Roberts  
Richard Thorne  
Rick Bryant  
Rick Williams  
Rhys Clark
Rod Giddens
Rob Carpenter  
Robert Corich  
Robert Smith  
Robin Page
Rochelle Vinsen
Rod Stone
Rodger Fox
Roger Brasell
Roger Skinner  
Roger Wiles  
Ron Mahony  
Ronnie Harris
Runga Hema  
Sandra Bell  
Selena Ellis  
Sherry Weatherley  
Sonny (aka Kelvin) Franklin
Stan Blenkin  
Steve Corbett  
Steve McDonald
Steve Strange-Mure
Stuart Davidson  
Stuart Johnstone
Sue Lynch  
Terry Crayford  
Terry Rouse  
Tiger Larry Purdie
Tim Armstrong
Tim Biggs
Tom McDonald
Tom Sharplin  
Tommy Ferguson
Toni Williams
Tony Blomfield  
Tony Johnstone  
Tony McLaughlin
Tracey Shackleton  
Trevor Judge  
Trish James
Truda Chadwick  
Tuki Witika
Viv McCarthy
Walter Wiperi  
Wayne Carr
Wayne Clifford-Marsh
Wayne Martino
Wayne Mason  
William Davidson  
Yuk Harrison  

Where are they?

Someone on the email list is trying to locate one of the following people.  If you know their email address, click here to email it to me (or ask them to send me an email at

Andrew Quayle
Allison Durbin
Ben Kaika
Christine Barnett
Don Burke
Graham Bishop
Graham McFarland
Jenny Parkinson 
Kaye Wilson (Wolfgram)
Paddy Beach
Ray Earle
Reno Tehei

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