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First published December 2015

Doug Petrie passed away in Christchurch on 6th December 2015.


I am very sad to hear of the passing of Doug.  My thoughts and wishes go to his family.  Spent many a time talking, listening and dancing to the Castaways.  Please pass on my condolences to his family and his many friends.  RIP Doug Petrie. - Dinah Lee
The Avengers played with Peter Nelson and the Castaways a lot.  They were a great band and Doug was a really good drummer.  Condolences from the four of us. - Clive Cockburn
Another from our great era of music has passed.  Doug will be sadly missed.  To the family and friends of Doug although he has passed his memories will continue to live on into the future with those of us who were privileged to have known him and played music with him.  Rest in Peace Doug, it is a sad time - Tom McDonald
Terribly sad news about Doug Petrie.  I had the immense pleasure of having Doug on many tours, mainly the 1981 National Tour of Country Music, featuring me, Brendan Dugan, John Grenell (Hore), and Jodi Vaughan.  Doug was a fabulous drummer and a really bubbly personality.  We had such a great time on those tours. R I P Doug - Gray Bartlett
Many happy memories of The Castaways in Nelson and ChCh during the mid 60s. An inspirational band, great drummer and a really good guy. RIP Doug. - Alan Galbraith
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