Eddie McDonald (R.I.P.)

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First published in January 2010, last updated December 2011


I was one of those girls who found Eddie irresistible back in the Avenger days.  I was still at school-sixteen.  The Avengers used to come and play live at the Cauldron in Wanganui.  I was probably their number one fan in Wanganui and after attracting the attention of Eddie, we kept in touch for some time.  They came to play several times in Wanganui and I also saw him play farther up, at some live dance, in rural Taranaki.  I loved that band and Eddie in particular.  Believe it or not he was the perfect gentleman.  I am sad to know he has gone.  I will keep my warm memory of him sacred till whenever.  RIP Eddie.  You were way cool. - Catherine Kennedy
Sad to see Eddie has passed on.  This message is from Eddie's vice-captain when he and I played for Miramar Rangers, way back about 1963.  Ed was captain, good player, and we had a good team - Gary Watson
Very sad to hear of Eddie's passing.  We had a great relationship with the Avengers both in NZ & Oz.  I admired his playing and enjoyed his company.  I recently received a host of NZ music on DVD and it contains most of the Avengers work.  Bloody good band, good players and great guys.  Rest in Peace Eddie - Viv McCarthy
(RIP) as of 31/12/2009 me old mate (Bass player) Eddie Macdonald passed away, it was along long battle with MS. - Ian (Hank) Davis
RIP Eddie - Ray Columbus
Sorry to say we never worked with The Avengers, Wellington had some fab bands!  The Avengers were probably NZ's Hollies! - Peter Grattan
Eddie Mcdonald was a nice guy, I only met him once, & I'm glad I did. - Chris Parfitt
Very sorry to hear of Eddie's death - Terry Rouse
I went to Eddie's funeral today, it was very moving.  Hollie Smith gave a very beautiful and moving rendition of ‘Summertime” unaccompanied.  Eddie's brother (Steve) was great, playing several songs including “Imagine” which we all joined in too.  All in all a wonderful send off to a special ‘muso’. - Rochelle Vinsen

Some photos from Eddie's funeral - 

Eddie was a great mate to me in my younger years, guiding myself and other young musicians through.  He loved to play, party and have fun.  I will celebrate Eddie’s life and memories we had with an Elephant Beer.  “Here’s to a good man, Eddie Macdonald”. - Andy Maitland
Many know Ed from different times and places.  We know Ed as a musician, a true Professional and spent years playing gigs and traveling on the road with him, through thick and thin.  Ed was always searching for the essence of bass playing, and he loved playing with a strong rhythm… so he and Hank had many fine battles.  They went to Perth, forming Bakery with John Pugh from Melbourne, and local guitarist Peter Walker. Bakery was the band that allowed Ed to flourish.  The pop music days were over, and Ed "found his groove"…

This was the 70's, and the music business was growing rapidly, but without structure.  Bands like Bakery had to fend for themselves in every way, and strong bonds were formed in the trenches.  Soon John Hopkins, manager and friend, joined the fray.  And as the band grew in stature, Ed was again in the spotlight.  He played on Bakery's Rock Mass album and feature film, then on the studio album, "Momento".  Fittingly, "Momento" was re-released in Germany on a vinyl 12" double album in 2005. Ed was given a copy during a visit to Wellington, which he appreciated.

Ed was a passionate New Zealander, wherever his musical adventures led. He had the quiet resolve and the calm, of a Kiwi.  But he was also a fun-lover and a full-on rascal when he wanted to be.  Many female followers found his charm irresistible.  Everyone enjoyed his hearty laugh in happy times.

We have rich memories of Ed and of many musical adventures. We wish him well wherever he has gone to find peace. - The Band BAKERY: John Hopkins (Manager), Peter Walker (Guitarist), Hank Davis (Drums) and many friends of the Band stretching from the West to the East of Australia.

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