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First published in October 2010

Ian Morris passed away on 7th October 2010 at the age of 53.


Thanks Ian –we first met at Stebbings back in ‘76 when you were a budding young engineer with Rob Aickin producing our band from Napier ‘Pooh Bear’  and again back in 1980 with Auckland band ‘The Totals’ – great work and memories. - Murray Hancox, Gene Crarer and Tony Aeckin

Sorry to hear about Ian Morris ..during the early 70s The Dudes covered for the band I was with ..The Kal q Lated Risk at the Awapuni Hotel in Palmerston North while we were on a tour away from our residency there .... when we got back people raved !!!   Also much later the 80s Ian was in Wellington producing a Warratahs album and was sitting in with them at the Cricketers and as it happened I had my Mandolin with me and JD and the lads let me 'ave a go.  Good memories - Phil Hope

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