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First published in May 2011, last updated February 2015

Martin Winch passed away on 21st May 2011 at the age of 62, after a battle with cancer.


So sorry to see he has died. I love his beautiful guitar playing and have both his Espresso CD's and was looking online for a copy of the first one for my little brother, and came across this website.  Some of this music was played at our sisters recent funeral (30/01/2015) she also died of cancer at age 58.  My brother, Adrian loved the music and I have promised him a copy of the CD.  This also answers why I have not seen any more recordings put out in the last few years by this wonderful musician. - Maureen Doyle
As a guitarist of sorts, I'd long lived in awe of Martin's virtuosity and versatility.  I got to know him many years ago through my drummer cuzzie, Frank Gibson Jnr, and whenever we ran into each other, he was always so friendly and embracing.  Recently, I moved back to Birkenhead and popped into a pub called the 'Slipp Inn'.  Martin - local/pub regular - spotted me and embraced me like a long-lost bro'.  I became part of his pub/social/dining "gang", was there when he took up with Ginny, and when "the curse" hit him.  A truly nice, gentle man and brilliant/dedicated muso whom I am proud to have known and loved, and sadly miss. - Graham Gibson
Although I never knew Martin personally, his music with Salty Dogg in the 70s left a mark on me.  I communicated with him via email in early 2011, discussing his Salty Dogg days, and he responded to me, a stranger, very politely & helpfully.  I am shocked & saddened to have only just now learned of his passing in May, and wish to extend my condolensces to his family, friends, colleagues, etc.  R.I.P. is obvious that you will be sorely missed by many - Bryan Paull
Farewell to a lovely bloke, a good mate and a wonderful musician.  Wherever you’ve gone Mate I just hope they have the best quality single malt. - Murray Hancox  
Martin Winch was one of the most adaptable musicians in New Zealand that I ever encountered.  There was a time when he seemed to pop up everywhere - clubs, stage shows, outdoor concerts, jazz ensembles.  I even saw playing at a function with a group of Latin American musicians as if he was from that part of the world himself!  Martin Winch knew his guitar very very well and will always be remembered for his musicianship and versatility. - George Burrell
Very sad to hear about Martin Winch - I didn't know him well but he was a nice guy and a great player. - Trevor Judge
Very sad to hear about the passing of a great musician and a fine gentleman.  He will be sadly missed but graciously remembered.  Rest well brother  - Steve McDonald
One of our greatest guitarists, and a superb man. - Gray Bartlett
Very sad to hear about Martin.  I worked with him a few times both in studio and live and loved his attitude.  He was a gentleman and although not a close friend, was always a pleasure to know and work with.  The Celestial Orchestra has gained another Star - one who will hold his own with some top company.  Please offer our condolences to his family. - Viv and Pam McCarthy
I was shocked and saddened to hear the news about Martin, a true gentleman and a brilliant musician.  He and I shared stages, I drummed briefly in his SYLVESTER WINCH STYLE, a stylish 60's group.  I watched his career flourish and often played his CDs.  Kim knew him well these past 20 years too.  They say news travels and I am glad I was able to break the news to her on Skype from Florida.  No stranger to tragedy, she was devastated.  His music meant so much to so many of all ages.  Certainly a wonderful guy, probably a genius.  His recordings ensure he will forever be with us. - Peter Grattan (Florida) and Kim Willoughby (Napier)    
Sad news great Guitarist, always the gentleman.  Didn't know of his illness..out of the loop I guess!  RIP Martin Winch. - Ray Columbus
A wonderful player and an even more wonderful guy.  Sadly missed. - Alan Galbraith
I am really saddened to hear of Martin Winch passing.  A lovely guy and a wonderful player who set an example for us all.  RIP Martin. - Nev Claughton
Very sad news this morning for you all.  With a very heavy heart I'm letting those know who haven't already heard, our dear friend Martin Winch has died.  Martin was a very well respected man, a great guitarist and supreme member of the music and entertainment world.  Our sympathy and condolences to his family and close friends. - Glenda Law
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