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First published July 2014

Peter Dawkins was a New Zealand record producer and musician, best known for his late-1960s to mid-1970s New Zealand hits and his 1970s productions for Australian based pop artists, including Dragon, Australian Crawl and Air Supply.  He won multiple production awards, including the Countdown Producer of the Year.  In the late 1980s he developed Parkinson's disease.  He died on July 3, 2014, from injuries sustained during a fall. (source Wikipedia)


I was very sad to hear the news re Peter Dawkins passing.  Peter was a lovely man, and a wonderful record producer.  He produced my favourite album.. Oh Suzanne .. back in the late 1960's and has made a huge contribution to recording both here in New Zealand, and in Australia.  My heartfelt condolences go out to his wife and family. - Suzanne Lynch  
Peter was an inspired and inspiring producer with whom I was able to work a lot while he was at EMI NZ with Shane and others.  I had the great privilege in May this year to catch up with Peter (courtesy of Alan Galbraith) and hear about his life and career since the early 70's.  A good man in every sense: RIP Peter. - Bruce (Phantom) Robinson
A tribute,  

to a Musician producer, leader and friend, I had never heard of you until early 1965 when you called me and said you was starting a group and would I be interested being the lead guitarist.  At that time I was ready for any challenge.  You had already arranged a bass player Gordon Bennett and a rhythm  guitarist Bill Te Nahue.  "THE OTHERS were born".  We practiced hard and did a few local gigs but with Pete's drive and business acumen we soon after secured a permanent gig in then Christchurch's number one night spot, "PRIDE OF PLACE".  Pete's drive for success soon after secured us as Showband for "MISS SOUTH CANTERBURY'S" road show, backing Lou and Simon and Tommy Adderley. and later support band for "HERMAN'S HERMITS" and "TOM JONES" in Christchurch, plus support band for NORMIE ROWE AND THE PLAYBOYS " at a later show.  Early 1966 Pete and I teamed up with PAUL MUGGLESTON and GARY THAIN  from THE SECRETS and then set off  to the UK and Germany as" ME AND THE OTHERS".  That was a brilliant adventure where we rubbed shoulders and played gigs with the best - ROGER TAYLOR, GRAHAM BOND, JACK BRUCE, GINGER BAKER, VIV PRINCE, JET HARRIS, TONY MEEHAN, only to mention a few.  We played London's THE MARQUEE CLUB, WHISKY A GOGO, and two months at Viv Prince's London club KNUCKLES, and recorded in London's famous studio  SOUTHERN MUSIC.  We later toured all over UK and two months in Germany, all our success and adventure can be seen at

Pete you became an award winning producer and then you suffered from Parkinson's for many years and I was glad to be with you in Sydney 8 years ago for your 60th birthday, we had a great time and caught up together with all our memories, and then we were together again for the ROCK ONZ concert here in Christchurch where you were given a well deserved award. You were an inspiration, a leader, and a mate, and we wouldn’t have done all this without you, and I would like to thank you for our success, and I will forever live with the memories - you will never be forgotten and may you R.I.P.

I would like to dedicate my recent recording of "Cavatina" to you Pete -

Dave Chapman
Very sad to hear that Peter has gone.  I have not had contact since the EMI days in Wellington in the late sixties, but I always admired his unique talent.  He was a ‘trail blazer’ for popular music recording in NZ, and a great drummer.  R.I.P. Peter. - Roger Brasell
Rest in peace Peter.  Another one bites the dust.  Always a sad moment reading these. - Larry Morris
Very sad news, Peter Dawkins was a very talented producer and friend, he produced many tracks for our band (Hogsnort Rupert) in the early 1970s including ‘Pretty Girl’.  RIP Peter. - Dave Luther
I worked with Peter years ago when he first arrived in Wellington and I have always considered him to be one of this country's finest and most successful commercial producers.  Rest is Peace Peter. - Dick Le Fort
Saddened to hear of the passing of Peter, a truly talented man who helped open the door and let the world hear just what NZ/OZ music was capable of.  RIP - Murray Hancox
RIP Peter.  As a teenager and entering my twenties Peter's excellent production work with Ariel, Dragon, The Fourmyula and Mi-Sex to name a few gave me huge inspiration and there were numerous times years later in the studio that I would refer back to his earlier works for ideas I had picked up listening to many of those recordings all those years before.  I would often cite his work as examples to be cherished.  I owe him thanks for the lessons and the inspiration.  A sad loss to our little slice of music history from Downunder.  One of the best from our beautiful country.  My condolences to his family and friends. - Robert M Corich
Peter produced a couple of my major albums for EMI.  A top guy. - Gray Bartlett
Peter was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease about 25 years ago.  He has bravely fought this cruel condition, undergoing major experimental surgery and fighting to get on top it.  Most people who knew Peter would appreciate how dogmatic and determined he could be, but in his fight against his illness, he even surprised me.  A lesser person might have given up much sooner.  During the latter stages, Peter had become rather unsteady and had mostly lost his voice.  He and his wife, Penny, spent a few days over here in the Wairarapa and it was great to reminisce, even though I had to do most of the talking!  A couple of weeks after he and Penny returned to Australia, he had a fall and sustained serious injury.  Unfortunately, he never recovered.  He is survived by his wife and two adult boys, and leaves behind a staggering legacy of Australian and New Zealand music. - Alan Galbraith
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