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First published in April 2012, last updated February 2013

Roger Whyte. One of Christchurch’s best musicians passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at home on April 9 2012 aged 72.  He was a man of extraordinary talent, musical empathy and a flat out percussive yet delicate player. He will be sorely missed. A gifted pianist and a good bloke. - Peter Hindmarsh   


It was twenty years ago I played bass with Roger in the Nooky Hot Six Band at the Nookenburra Hotel in Perth.  I was somewhat upset at his passing as he was probably one of the best players and blokes you could know.  We enjoyed many jokes and laughed a lot, even between solos.  He had a devilish humour.  We will miss him forever. 
This song says it all (click here) - John Hunter
The Roger Whyte trio comprised Roger, Denis Bryson (reeds) myself (bass) and Herbie. Perhaps should’ve been called a quartet? Herbie was an interesting wee chap. A digital rhythm machine. How Roger so quickly mastered Herbie is beyond me. The thing cranked out quite respectable backing as our drummer. And it had a footswitch that always returned “one”. We played together for about four years, four night a week at Cokers Hotel. Think its been pulled down now. Anyway, Roger was the boss and we couldn’t have had better. One of Rog’s perfections apart from meticulous playing and writing charts was his immaculate dress. He was an inspiration to play with, in that he listened and anticipated so well.   Gee, he’ll be missed - Peter Hindmarsh
RIP Roger the big band in the heavens - Ray Columbus

What a bugger! What a nice guy. Did a small tour backing Max Bygraves with Roger as band leader - enjoyed his company immensely - Pete McGregor

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