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First published September 2011


Always a good Shadows man.  Will miss our conversations. - Brian Ringrose
RIP Trev - Ray Columbus
My condolences to all his mates and family - Rob Winch
Anyone who was involved in the ChCh Music Scene from the 60’s on will have either played with, or heard of, Trev Latham.  He was never one of those guys who pushed himself forward but was one of those “2nd tier guys” who slogged it out at not just the dance halls of the day but afterward the various pub venues like Valley Inn and Parklands Tavern. 

Any Musos Club Bash that came along, Trev would turn up usually with an old classic guitar or Jansen amp under his arm ready to do battle.  Trev had a wicked “chuckle” that most of us will remember him for. 

Always a man with a classic gag up his sleeve and ready for a laugh, usually at his own expense and not to take the pee out of someone else.  In fact right up until 24 hours before his death I was getting regular email gags from Trev and they were never boring that’s for sure. 

Some years back he recorded a self-titled CD “Trev Latham-playing with himself”.  We all had a giggle over that as I’m sure he will be even now. 

Trev suffered failing health over the years yet he always bounced back full of enthusiasm and humour.  Sadly not this time. 

We will miss you Trev and from all your friends and fellow musos, and our thoughts go out to Trish and the family.  RIP Mate. - Nev H Claughton
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