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In the 1950s the Keil family, from Samoa, formed The Keil Isles. They played at Mormon Church functions, and then the Orange Dance Hall and the Jive Centre.

The two main singers, Freddie and Herma Keil, had a falling out in the early 1960s. Freddie Keil formed his own band, Freddie Keil and The Kavaliers. The original drummer was Alphonso Keil. He was previously with The Zodiacs, on rhythm guitar.

Fast forward to 2002…Alphonso started another band. 

He decided to call this incarnation Alphonso Keil and The Kavalliers, adding an extra ‘l’ to be different from the older version. This band played at private functions and RSAs around Auckland.  

After various personnel changes Bruce Jarvis joined as bass guitarist/vocalist in 2007. Sadly, Alphonso passed away in mid 2008, but the band kept going, calling themselves The Kavalliers.

Mac McInman joined them on rhythm guitar and vocals. From the 1960s on he was with The Silhouettes and, more recently, The Sound Advice.

Clive Whelan, lead guitar, made the decision to retire in January 2010 which brought Pete Traille, again from The Silhouettes, in as lead guitar and vocalist.

With Andy Shackleton, who was with The Premiers in the 1960s, on drums, The Kavalliers as we now know them are ready to bring their considerable musical talents to your next function…  

Regretfully, in October 2014, our dear longtime friend, great guitarist and vocalist Mac McInman, passed away after a short illness.

It was Mac's wish that the band keep going, so into 2014, Andy and Bruce welcome the considerable talents of David Marshall on lead guitar and vocals and Cliff Andrews on guitar, vocals, and harmonica.

The Kavalliers are always expanding and fine tuning their repertoire, so are happy to play at any and all functions.  We promise a rocking good time for all.

Whether you prefer to dance or just relax and listen, 
we play music for all occasions


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