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First published October 2018

Al Charles (Allan Charles GOULD) passed away on 27th October 2018, aged 70.  Al sang, played keyboards and guitar, and was a stalwart of the Auckland RSA and Retirement Village scene over many years prior to his death.


We were introduced to Al's music by Brian & Bernie Blair, who told us that Al played good dance music.  He did.  My wife Kerry and I are pretty fussy when it comes to which artists and bands we will dance and/or listen to.  We would listen and dance to Al whenever we could, at one of our local RSA's.  Al and his wife Kay very quickly became very good friends of ours.  Needless to say, Kerry and I are extremely saddened by Al's passing.  R.I.P. Al - Andy Shackleton 
Deepest sympathies to Al's wife and family.  That Big Band in heaven has another cool addition.  Warm regards.. Larry Morris
(email me your tribute to Al and I'll add it in -


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