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First published January 2016

Alec Wishart, the lead singer and founding member of popular 1970's band Hogsnort Rupert, passed away on 22nd January 2016 aged 76.

Read the '' article about Alec's passing here


I will always remember Alex from those days when the Wellington bands were hitting the air waves and although I considered the music different from the pop music I was playing the Hogsnort Rupert recording sound and fun music was appreciated by us all and they were a fun band to watch live on stage. Alex and Dave the driving force behind the band spent many an hour in the recording studio at HMV and I was privileged to be there to watch and I loved being at their gigs.  I remember the day in my office when Alex told me he was going to form the group and I watched on in awe as the groups music became popular with the public. Alex thanks for being part of my early music career you certainly made us all talk about the Hogsnort Rupert group and we will all miss you sadly. R.I.P. You were a real trooper, your music will keep those memories of a time gone by alive in us all for many years to come. It is with great sadness I say goodbye and your memories will be with me for a long time. - Tom McDonald 
R.I.P Alec Wishart - Dave Duffell
A real good mate from many tours, and Festivals, concerts...  Alec was a true star performer, whose wit and energy on stage was contagious...   As a person, Alec was one of the very best.. I will miss him as will all New Zealanders.  R I P - Gray Bartlett
Very sad. A darn good joker. RIP Alec - Alan Galbraith
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