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First published May 2010

Beaver (Beverley Morrison) passed away on 23rd May 2010 after a seven year battle with cancer. 


The news tonight of Bev’s passing brought back many happy memories of her in various guises – rock, pop and most famously jazz.  From the early days of Blerta through Red Mole to Woody and in countless different venues she always stood out.  Just as many forget, or never knew, that Bruno was actually a great drummer first and actor second so Beaver’s acting talents were often overlooked but first and foremost she was a great singer.
I recall going to hear her one night in September 1988 in the club in Nelson Street with Colin Hogg on the last night of the tour by the Liverpool Spinners.  Colin, not the Auckland journo but a partner with the legendary Berlin brothers in London Management, described Beaver as probably the finest female rock singer he’d ever heard! - Graham Atkinson
I did not know Beaver, but knew of her as a member of BLERTA, and then as a solo artist.  A great voice, sadly missed. - Andrew Forrer
The last time I saw Beaver was at the Sonny Day tribute concert.  Beaver performed that night.  She looked great and we talked about some of the old days.  Sorry she has passed on, and sadly another of our all time pioneer performers is gone.  RIP. - Johnny Croot
Rest in peace Beaver.  The 70's were good to us. - Dave Duffell
In the early 70's Bev worked at U.E.B Packaging, Lower Hutt where I worked as a Photo lithographer This was before her singing career began and music never was a major topic between us which is a bit sad because at the time I was fairly heavily involved musically, and she might have been able to join in with our band.  During her time at U.E.B. she often stayed in my home town of Titahi Bay with the Bollinger family.  Max Bollinger was a good friend of us both.  His son Alun achieved fame as a T.V. and movie cameraman.  He was also later involved with BLERTA and friends as was Bev.  Bev would travel with us to and from work in the company provided mini-van so we were able enjoy a few good chats while travelling.  She had a warm heart and a bubbly personality which would have helped in the later discovery of her beautiful singing voice.  It was always a pleasure to be in her company.  In later years when she became known as a singer I was always proud to tell friends that she had been a workmate. - Pat Southee
Beaver R.I.P. great singer... lovely person... too young - Ray Columbus
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