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First published August 2017, last updated 22nd September 2017

Brian Ringrose passed away on the evening of 21st August 2017.  Brian's history goes back to early days of “Ray Columbus and the Invaders”, and he spent 15 years as a session musician for TVNZ.  In recent years Brian's live performances included almost every type of function both in New Zealand and overseas.

Click here to read more of Brian's history, in his own words, at ROCKHAPPENZ


I owe Brian a lot for my musical education, he knew, instinctively, how to kick my arrangement ideas, and original songs, into shape - effectively keeping me 'on the rails'! His rapid learning skills and retention rate was the quickest of any muso that I ever worked with.  During the three years we worked together, 1963 - 1966, we became good mates and have kept in touch since then.  His contribution to The Playboys and The Byrds was immense.  I will certainly miss him, but so will the entertainment industry in good old Christchurch.  A very unique character. - Dave Miller
During the past few years we really got to know Brian really well along with John Parker, while putting together and performing the concerts we all did for the elderly in our local community.  We enjoyed his humour and our practice sessions where we talked of our long association with the local music fraternity.  Brian was a member of our ROCKONZ Hall of Fame and deserved his place in it.  His career had so many facets in which he contributed his own style of entertainment.  We will miss him. - Cecil and Dion Murphy
Brian was a huge part of Christchurch/NZ music history.  I first saw him playing with Ray Columbus and the Downbeats in a hall on Lincoln Rd CHCH, circa 1964.  He later became a friend and a guy we all looked up to.  His departing will be a tremendous loss, not only for the industry but also his many band mates and followers.  Brian will never ever be forgotten.  RIP my dear friend and I will see you there. - Dave Chapman
I first played with Brian in 67 whilst a couple of years up on him I was the “greenhorn” back then.  In a friendship spanning 50 years in various live performances, Television and Radio, Country Music Awards, Rock ‘n Roll gigs and latterly as “The Beat Boys” and with “Cactus Swing” with our own take on the classics from the 60’s onwards.  Brian the consummate musician and entertainer, always there when I needed him and his many talents.  I will miss you old friend and am richer for having known and worked with you.  Both Joni and I send our love and sympathy to Lyn and the family.  RIP Brian, one of the best mates a guy could have. - Nev and Joni Claughton    
Brian was a truly inspirational guitarist, a joy to work with and a top bloke.  A true New Zealand legend.  R.I.P.  I’ll never forget him. - Tom Sharplin
NZ music has lost another giant!  RIP Brian. - Larry Morris
Very sad to hear of Brian’s passing.  My late husband, Ray Columbus, always said Brian was a musical genius and he treasured the time they spent together.  Imagine the fun they will have together now. - Linda Columbus
Sorry loss of one of our great musos.  His music for kids programme over the last 20 years has been a great gift to those kids.  Condolences to Brian's Family & friends - Ray & Chrissy Woolf
Brian Ringrose was one of most significant and distinctive musos of our era.  I have known him since the early 60s and I have always been in awe of his natural-born abilities.  He had a very distinctive sound back then with his Dulci amplifier and modified tape recorder for an echo unit.  No one ever doubted he was BLOODY GOOD!  RIP Brian. - John (Johnny) Campbell
I first met Brian Ringrose when I published The NZ Country Music magazine in the early nineties, to which Brian made several editorial contributions.  He had a particular interest in country music and was a regular guest at the Bay of Island Country Rock festivals.  Brian was a talented musician and a gentleman.  RIP. - Mal Finlayson
Very sad to hear of Brian's passing.  We became closer friends over the past 10 years through face book and the electronic media than we  had ever been as I lived in the states for the past 30 or so years.  So pleased I had the chance to chat with him last year on an NZ visit.  He is one musician I would have loved to share a stage with but that was not to be.  Amazing we chatted only a few months ago, that so many friends have died over the past two years and he light heartedly said who knows Paul you or I could be next...  Reality bites big time and for me, this is a sad day.  RIP Brian, a musician and friend I really looked up to. - Paul Muggleston
Please pass on my deepest sympathy to Family and Friends of Brian Ringrose.  Brian was part of the group the Playboys.  Phil Garland was the lead singer along with myself and we worked extensively around Christchurch and the Auckland music scene.  Of course it was only recently and with the help of facebook that we could all once again catch up with each other and stay in touch.  Brian was such an accomplished musician and will be sadly missed.  He was a big part of the early and ongoing New Zealand music scene.  May you now be at rest.  R.I.P. Brian Ringrose. - Dinah Lee
My thoughts are with Brian and his family - Gray Bartlett
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