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First published August 2016

Bruce Andrew (Phantom) Robinson passed away on 31 July 2016 at Wairarapa Hospital, aged 70 years.  Bruce, Musician/ Narrative Therapist/ Educator, was a legendary guitarist of the 60's, 70's, 80's, & 90's, as a member of The PleazersTroubled Mind, Flinders, and Rockinghorse.


Well, Bruce and I go way back to Brisbane where in 1964 he joined a band I was in The G-Men as our bass player, I was the drummer.  Bruce couldn’t always play because of his work so our other bass player, Vince Lipton, would swap gigs to fit in with their work.  Vince was a mad inventor of amps and sound effects.  Anyway, with Bruce’s passing a big hole has been left in my life because Bruce was larger than life, always calm, friendly and would do anything for anybody.  We enjoyed the same music, with some of it being very way out of left field.  We recorded some of this ‘music’ when he was ever in Brisbane on family visits which always ended up with heaps of laughter.  Yes, Bruce Andrew Robinson will be missed by everybody who ever came in contact with, musically or in his work, the only trouble is, they don’t make them like Bruce anymore.  Bye mate. - Denis Gilmore
Bruce, Denis and Bill 2014
Bill Bacon, Bruce Robinson
and Denis Gilmore - 2014
(click on thumbnail to enlarge)
Bruce Robinson, a good mate and musical compadre for almost 50 years. You will be sadly missed old friend - Alan Galbraith
I knew Bruce when he used to visit our nightclub in Christchurch and also I would catch up with him in the North Island.  Bruce was a very good musician.  Sympathies to all the family - Kevin Frewer  (Retalliation, Fantasy Band, Tom Thumb)
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