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First published February 2017

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Everything That Flies (ETF) started life in 1981 as a musical project for Bruce & Clive Sheridan, Bruce's then girlfriend Dianne Swann, and mutual friend Steve Wesley.  After several jam sessions it was decided to create a full band and friends Warren Richardson(drums) and Mark Agee(bass) were brought on board.

After several rehearsals Mark decided not to continue and Steve also left the band.  The remaining members auditioned several bass players and chose David Manning.

A natural progression developed to bring original songs into the band's repertoire and the focus shifted to allow a full set list of original material into the live shows. Everyone also decided it was time to name the band and they subsequently became known as "Perfect Strangers". At this point the band incorporated keyboards into their songwriting and Peter Harrison joined to fill the keyboard role.

After several gigs as "Perfect Strangers" a more fitting name was agreed upon - Everything That Flies was now born!

The time came to record an EP in 1985 and the result was "Bleeding Hearts", with the title track becoming the band's first single.

Shortly after recording the EP Warren decided on a life change and left the band. A new drummer was required and Wayne Bell got the nod.

The band played several times to promote the single, including an all star line up at the Auckland Koru Care concert in 1985.

A tour as support band for Icehouse in 1986 provided a highlight for the band's members. A second single - "As The Sun Goes Down" - was recorded that year too.

Bruce left the band in 1986 and later that year Clive also left. Gary Verberne joined as guitar player and the band played a few more shows then decided to call it a day.

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