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First published March 2015

Colin (born in 1956) passed away at Mary Potter Hospice, Wellington on 10 March 2015 after a short battle with cancer.

Not long before he was diagnosed with cancer, Colin wrote the following -


I was the youngest of 20, and grew up in a family of musicians in a little country town called Taihape.

I began gigging at 14 playing with a 3 piece and 4 piece covers band, playing rugby clubs, college and primary socials, and dances at town halls. Played, Blues, Rock, Ballads, Country, and the usual Top of the Charts material and some Maori waiata.

Moved to Wellington age 16.  9 yrs later settled in Hamilton.  Spent 9 years there and then moved to Auckland and settle there for 5 years.  Played mainly in semi professional bands, but did 4 yrs on the road with couple of professional covers bands.

I have met an enormous amount of people and played with musicians from all walks of life.  Different people bought different music styles and a different way and view on life.

I was self taught and never had an opportunity to learn music on any academic level.  However, between 1991 and 2008 started studying music, art, and desktop publishing at Polytechnic. In 2008 studied jazz drumming for six months at the New Zealand School of music. This fuelled the passion to totally study and practice drums, and to seek people to play with regardless of the style of music!

I am very open minded with music and realise if a band has something special to offer then the audience should see it, and the satisfaction should follow.  I have just joined originals Funk band Jones Cartel.  I hope to develop a drumming style from a mixture of drummers that I have come to admire and hope some of their techniques will influence and develop my style for the Jones Cartel original music.

The rewards of my whole experience has been about meeting people and enjoying their participation to my continuous musical learning.



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