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First published in April 2013

Dave McArtney passed away on 15th April 2013.  Dave was best known for his work with Hello Sailor and his solo career with Dave McArtney & The Pink Flamingos.


I was saddened to hear of the passing of Dave McArtney.  I didnít know him well but worked with him a couple of times.  A real character who will be missed by all Ė another bloody good guitar player in THAT band! - Viv McCarthy
We lost a major talent when Dave departed so suddenly.  Always quick to chip in for any good cause.  He appeared for lost friends Ritchie Pickett and Josie Rika when I asked him.  Never hesitated when I asked him to join us in East Timor for our NZ troops.  A great musician, songwriter, father, husband, family man, surfer, and all round magnificent human being.  Dave leaves an enormous gap in many lives such was the mans love of family his band of men and his charm, knowledge and quick wit.  What a great loss to Kiwi music.  RIP doy. - Larry Morris
Another sad day for all musicians and public alike.  I did not know Dave personally, but I certainly knew his music and his amazing career.  RIP.  Bruce Aitken
(email me your tribute to Dave and I'll add it in - andy@nzmusos.co.nz)

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