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First published April 2018

During the 60s I played bass guitar in the following bands.

The Navados
The Sierras
The Dukes
The Statesman

During lunchtime at Rongotai College I would listen to my favourite band The Librettos practicing and often in the afternoon I would go to Kevin Leong's house in Kilbirnie to hear the Mustangs practicing.

My Janson bass guitar was purchased from Allan Millar and paid off over a year. The amp was purchased from Tom McDonald and I went to the AMP where he worked each week to pay it off.

We played at the Mexically Rose once and it was full of visiting  drunk American sailors. We also played quite often at the Sorrento in Ghuznee Street which was quite a rough place run by Johnny Koolman an ex wrestler. 

My favourite bands were The Librettos, The Premiers and Tony and the Initials.  

Once at the Wellington Town Hall the Librettos and the Premiers played together and the sound was fantastic. It may have been at a Hi Fi evening run by Des Brittain or at Teenarama.

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