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First published September 2015, last updated December 2017

Hello Sailor's Graham Brazier passed away in Auckland on 4th September 2015, where he had been recovering after a heart attack in August. Graham was 63.  


I used to get on the turps with Graham on Waiheke Island, he used to do a few gigs at VinoVino's bar in Iberia, of course grew up with Hello Sailor being an Aucklander in the pub scene, Gluepot, Kiwi Tavern, Globe and all the others.  I'm lucky I came out the other side of that era, RIP Graham. - Tony Farrell
I didn't know Graham well but shared some space at an event and witnessed a man who commanded great presence with deep conviction in performance, no wonder he was so highly regarded - RIP Graham - see you there. - Kevin Borich
I last saw the Hello Sailor in Feb 1980 and I thought what a great band, plus having read about Graham during the life of Hello Sailor he was lucky to live as long as he did.  Suffering from Hepatitis etc, wouldn’t have helped either.  Like Dragon, they never got to their full potential in the world of rock music.  Great harp, sax  player and very good writer, again, another muso leaves us.  RIP - Denis Gilmore
I did not know Graham personally, (Hello Sailor! yes we all knew them) but it is always sad to see another musician pass on, and so young at 63, please extend my condolences to the family and friends of Graham - Patrick Harrison
(email me your tribute to Graham and I'll add it in -


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