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First published July 2014, last updated July 2015

Gugi Walker (Hore Wiremu WAAKA) passed away on 6th July 2014, after a long illness.  Gugi worked with his brother Nuki Waaka in the 'Polynesian Trio' and they later formed the 'Maori Volcanics'.  Gugi also went on to form 'The Gugi Walker Quartet'.

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Photos of Gugi Walker, Errol Timbers, Tess Keagan, Clive Cavanagh, Kevin ?


We were very sad to hear of the passing of Gugi - a very special man - always great memories - Deepest sympathy to all his family.  Mary and John Woodruff Port Melbourne
I worked with Gugi Walker in our Sydney Band, The "NZ Impacts Showband".  He took Leo Sleeman's place when Leo decided to return to NZ for family reasons.  We worked the Clubs in Sydney 65/67.  He played Bass Guitar and sang 'smooth' vocals.  We also put on great "Floor Shows" at various Clubs in and around Sydney and up the Coast to Forster.  Gugi was the 'main' person, who helped construct our shows as he had worked in Maori ''Show'' Bands with his brother Nuki.  Gugi was a great muso who will be sadly missed.  R.I.P. Gugi. - Errol Timbers
Top musician he will be sadly missed.  Another good muso gone.  Gee guys we'd better get in line we are dropping off like fly's, who's next? - Patrick Harrison
One of the greats.  Gugi's legacy is entrenched in New Zealand's Music & Entertainment history.  Kind regards to the family. - Ray Woolf
I didnít know Gugi that well, but he was in the 'Quin Tikis' with his brother Nuki Walker, Marsh Cook, Weasel Taiaroa, Gimmick Cameron and a couple of others.  There may be someone out there who can shed more light on Gugiís life than I can.  I know that he was a talented musician and with the group he toured the world.  I was lucky enough to attend the reunion of the Maori Showbands a few years ago, on the Gold Coast.  Gugi performed there with many of the originals.  The last time I saw him he was playing golf with the Weymouth Cossy Club. - Buddy Wilson
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