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First published in April 2009

Ian (Tiny) Thompson (ex Wanganui) passed away in Auckland on 12th April 2009.  Ian played bass in a number of bands - Velvet Morning, Harness, The Kybo Glyderz, The Rum 'n' Boogie Band, and the Junkyard Angels (to name a few).


...... Tiny and I stayed fairly close after that and he came down and stayed with us regularly.  His visits became less frequent because of health.  I missed his 60th, damn it.  But we visited him a couple of weeks before he passed.  Tiny was a great friend and one of those “good sorts”.  He is missed muchly. - John Bilderbeck (click here to read John's entire tribute/memories)
Tiny was one of the nicest and genuine guys I have ever met.  I once played drums in a group with him rehearsing for a period of around 4 months at Grannys with Peter Stroud and we went through 3 different rhythm guitarists in that period and Tiny was such a perfectionist he didn't like what they offered so after 4 months gave up.  He purchased a set of drums for me to play with as I didn't have a set .. that's what he was like.  Peter Stroud then went to England where he still is and played with Peter Green Splinter Group and now plays with Buddy Whittington who played with John Mayall for 15 years .. Kia kaha Tiny - Wayne Carr
I remember Tiny well from sharing the odd gig in Palmerston North - I was playing bass in a band called "Toll Puddle Martyrs" at the time and we often shared the bill at "Ricki's" nightclub.  My two lasting memories are that he was playing a 5 string bass - revolutionary in the sixties - and that he would fix his bass head to his bin - with NAILS.  Have had no contact since the sixties, but his larger than life charisma remains - Neil Rowland

Sad to hear of another muso leaving us.  Please pass on my sympathy to Ian's family. - Denis Gilmore

I remember Tiny. Great bassist, please pass on my farewell to him. - Pete Grattan
Please pass on my deepest condolences to Ian's loved ones. - Ray Columbus
I played with Tiny and Mal with Robbie Lavan in a band called "Off The Record" in the mid 80's. Sad news. - Dave Gorrie
I remember Tiny from my days with Phil Warren at the Crypt in Queen Street.  Very sad. - Larry Morris
A sad loss.  Ian was a friend of Maurice Greer, Evan Silva and me. - Martin Hope
I was privileged to have worked with Tiny in a couple of bands, The Red McKelvie Band (Monday nights at the old Station Hotel) and with "Off The Record" in the early nineties. He was a great musician and an even greater friend. - Mal Finlayson
I remember Tiny Thompson playing bass guitar in a hard hitting rock act called "The Velvet Morning" (a kind of psychedelic 60s loud raw free forming quartet) from Wanganui.  I was a very young buck back then, but I remember all the guys in the band because of the new freaky material they were into and the bright stylish clothes they wore, and of course the long hair.  Tiny used to wear an orange caftan that almost touched the floor and perhaps modelled himself off Jack Bruce.  His bass sound was as large as he was.. (hence the name Tiny.)  He was a giant of a man, as he walked into the dance hall carrying his bass case under one arm.. he certainly had everyone's full attention as he headed for the stage door.  From memory he played a Gibson fretless just like Jack Bruce.  He was also a great vocalist and I can recall them doing a version of "Strange Brew" by Cream.. with Tiny doing the high tenor vocal.  In the mid 90s I got to know him personally as he would come down from Auckland regularly to visit people in Wanganui.  He was a wonderful soul, great sense of humour and talented mentor.  Gone now...but not forgotten. - Murray Loveridge
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