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First published June 2013, last updated October 2013

Kevin Sheehan, drummer for The Disraeli Gears, passed away on Saturday 18th May.


Kev was living in Thames when he passed on to the great gig in the sky...... The last band he was drumming in was with Craig Robertson from Thames....He gave that up about around 2005. Kev was a very unique singer and he continued to sing the odd song with Riverhead Slide ....He featured on a couple of recordings with the band ....On the C.D. "After all these years" he sang Hootchie Cootchie Man..... On the "Riverhead Slide Live" D.V.D he did a wonderful rendition of Put A Spell on You ..... We also have a live C.D. dedicated to Kev, called "Lost Tracks" with the 2 previous tracks and a third live recording of Born Under A Bad Sign ... This recording also features one of his mates, John Treseder on Guitar. A tribute gig was held earlier this year (2013) in Thames at the Junction Hotel and Riverhead Slide are putting one on for him at the Riverhead Tavern on Sunday 27 October 2013... I have been very honoured to succeed Kev on the drummers stool in both Riverhead Slide and with Craig Robertson...... It has also been a pleasure to produce the "Lost Tracks" C.D. to his memory... - Pete Ludlow
Kev was never going to make old bones.  He had diabetes and fought it bravely for many years.  We had a great little reunion as part of the Rosmini College 50th anniversary late last year as we all met at school and played a lot of dances on the shore.  Kev wasn't up to drumming but he sang a few numbers.  We had a few more old boys in the band, Bruce Coleman from the Tongues and his brother Neil and Bruce Frazer who played in Black n Blue with Kev.  It was a private family funeral but there are plans to get together at the Riverhead pub sometime soon for a jam send off. - Peter Maire
I took over from Kevin in The Gears for a few months in '69 after Green & Yellow split. A really nice guy and a big favourite with the ladies. - Peter Grattan
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