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First published in January 2015

Award winning country singer, bass player and guitarist, Kristy Beck (aka Kristy Bamfield), passed away at home on 18th January 2015.  Kristy had previously been a member of the North Shore Country Music Club and played in the Eclipse band.


Harbour very fond memories of standing beside Kristy on stage early 90’s as part of the “Eclipse” line-up .. she was a delight to work with .. sweet-natured & even tempered.  A well honed sense of humour & a smile that lit up any room .. her “trade-mark” an authentic emulation of Anne Murray ... “Snowbird” being her pièce de résistance.  But there was much more ... convincing performances of Jennifer Warne’s “Then we Take Manhattan” , Karen Carpenter’s “Top of the World” & Fleetwood Mac’s “Say You Love Me”.  I recall the occasion when I was pounding the intro to this last mentioned on the keyboard & she shuffles alongside, her vocal pending, & casually asks “how does it go?” ... then strolls back to her mic to deliver an impassioned rendering, leaving me in tatters.  I never knew if her enquiry had been genuine or a wind-up.  Kristy, you were special .. unpretentious ... & always “a lady” R.I.P. - Kerry Hawksworth
Trish and I will be attending our good friend Kristy Beck (formerly Bamfield)’s funeral in Hamilton on Friday.  Kristy was a wonderful human being and terrific musician and vocalist.  She worked for our company for a year or so in the 1980’s helping Trish with our Batmobile and Knightrider promotions.  We shall really miss her, but did keep in touch in latter years.  R.I.P. - Gray and Trish Bartlett
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