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First published March 2018, last updated May 2018

Pat McMinn OBE passed away on 21st March 2018.  She was probably New Zealandís busiest vocalist in the early 1950s, in concert and on recordings.  Pat is best known for two recordings that have rarely been off the airwaves since they were made in the 1950s: The single ĎOpo the Crazy Dolphiní and the perennial advertising jingle for Geddes dentures.

Read Chris Bourke's profile of Pat on Audio Culture

"Opo The Crazy Dolphin" by Pat McMinn, The Stardusters, Bill Langford

Geddes Dental Jingle by Pat McMinn and Lee Humphreys (vocals), Athol Coates (voice over), Nancy Harrie (piano), George Campbell (double bass)


Just wanted to add my remembrance  of this lovely lady and her beautiful voice.  Pat had that rare voice which was full of  sunshine and happiness.  She was gifted with a lilting style of singing very similar to another famous singer  Mary Martin.  My favourite singers were Mary Martin and Pat McMin always.  If I could have chosen my voice it would have been either of these vocalists. - Lois Short
Sad news about the passing of Pat McMinn, Andy.  I do appreciate your informative email messages on NZ Musicians Memories and thank you to Chris Bourkeís invaluable and comprehensive web page about Pat. 

I am 73, a full blooded Kiwi guy who was born in Hamilton and well remember the powerful airwaves from Aucklandís 1ZB that came off the Bombays and into the Waikato, and also our local Hamilton station 1XH, Pat McMinn was a big hit. 

Though only a toddler back in the mid 1940ís, I vividly remember our family home always resounding to the happy radio music.  Pat was one of my mum and dadís favourite singers and anyone around my age group would well remember her famous Geddes jingle. 

In 2007 I fired up my own FM radio station in Rotorua, inspired by my lady Cindy, I dedicated it to her, Radio Cindy 107.7FM runs 24/7, it is local only in Rotorua. 

The fact that I could mention I owned and operated a radio station gave me licence to front up and talk to almost whoever I wished that was a singing star in NZ, especially the older ones.  I went on a mission to track down and talk with Pat McMinn and spend some time with her and finally found her and her husband living at Bay Park, Tauranga, and yes she would be delighted to talk to me.  Cindy and I stayed several hours and Pat went over her photo albums while her modest husband Niel Randrup stayed pretty much in the wings.  Pat told us that Niel was an accomplished musician and band leader and toured with the Kiwi Concert Party.  Below is a photo taken on that day with me and Pat, one I am proud of, also a radio tag she cut for me and is free to be used on any other audio media if anyone would like it. 

Pat used to perform with the Maori Cowboy Johnny Cooper, he was a friend of mine, thatís another story. 

Rest in peace Pat and Johnny, you still rock on Radio Cindy 107.7FM, Rotorua - Ray Tombs

Ray with Pat McMinn
Pat McMinn with Ray Tombs (2010)

Click on the Play Button above to hear Pat's radio tag

Pat McMinn - Another Kiwi music legend adds herself to that big band in the sky.  God speed Pat Ö Larry Morris
Oh how I remember.  I was born 1942 she was a part of 1ZB, when radio was King.  Radio was our only form of entertainment and the standard of Radio was much better they spoke correctly on air. - Larry Purdy
I dealt with Pat McMinn a little bit in my Tokoroa days in the 1980s.  I was involved with Tokoroa Performing Arts Competitions society and she sent dance students along to our festival.  I recall at one stage she was a delegate for us at the annual meeting, so she clearly had close relationship with the grass roots of her art form! - George Burrell
I first met Pat in the early sixties when she sang on some of my early recordings at Stebbings in Saratoga Ave.  I last saw her some years ago in Tauranga when Pat came to one of our shows.  A long life in the performing arts one of our great singers.  An honour to have known you. - Ray Woolf
R.I.P. Pat McMinn - Dave Duffell
I worked with Pat in 69 at Mt Cook Glencoe Motor Inn.  One of the most professional performers in her time, always charming and great humour.  Easily one of the easiest people to work with. - Neville Claughton
So sorry to hear of the passing of Benny Winner Pat McMinn OBE.  'Opo the Crazy Dolphin' and 'Broke my dentures' were part of my growing up.  A fantastic dancer, singer, teacher and such a kind giving person.  You will be missed Aunty Pat. - Eddie O'Strange
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