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First published September 2014, last updated June 2016

Ivor (Paul) Fisher passed away peacefully on Tuesday 26th August 2014, aged 75.


As a working Musician in Hamilton for many years, I never seemed to have the days off to go and see other groups playing but on a few occasions I did catch up with Paul, I was always impressed with his professionalism, great voice and genuine down to earth attitude.  Itís a shame he was taken so early.  On one occasion in 1990, I taped a number of songs off the Karaoke Machine at the Glenview hotel where I was playing, and Paul came around home and sang with them.  I have only just come across them recently, but playing them again certainly bought back some great memories of those times.  I have included 3 of them here, I hope you enjoy them. - Warwick Seeney

Paul Fisher Karaoke - "Impossible"

Paul Fisher Karaoke - "New York, New York"

Paul Fisher Karaoke - "Wild One"
I was born and grew up in Hamilton, I did a lot of talent quests on Johnny Cooperís circuit as a wannabe star teenager. Paul and the Satellites were sometimes the guest backing band and I got a real kick to have them playing for me. I used to go to the Starlight Ballroom when they played, not to dance, just to watch and hear them in action. Ivor, as he was known back then, was an absolute legend in my mind and in real life, I loved all his songs. He opened an entertainment place in Ward Street, Hamilton, for a while, ĎA Touch of Classí and it certainly was. Guests were greeted by him at the door, lovely food, girls in Vegas type costumes, feathers and legs that went all the way up to there! Paul would to a gig for us, he came across as another Bobby Darin to me, awesome. A few years on, Paul released ĎTeenage Heavení and around the same time also joined the Hamilton Operatic Society to do a show with them. I was a member, in the chorus, so it was great be able to mix with Paul as just one of the guys. Around 2010 I was on a mission to track him down so I could have a chat and get the attached voice tag for my radio station, something I get a buzz out of playing when I run his songs. He gave me a home brew CD with all the songs I already have and a CD jacket. I went hunting for him again this year, as I was near the place where he had worked, the Hamilton Holden dealers, only to learn he was in Rock n Roll heaven, very sad. A true talent, a magic voice, he is still alive on my station, radio Cindy 107.7FM, ROTORUA. RIP Paul. My sincere condolences to his daughter Chanelle and Paulís family. - Ray Tombs

Click the play button above to hear Paul's Radio Cindy voice tag

I was sitting at home tonight in Australia, 3 months after dad's passing and I came across this tribute page.  I would like to thank you all for taking the time to pay tribute to dad, it is very touching and comforting to know that he touched many people's lives and the fond memories he gave to them.  He left this earth with his mic in hand ready to sing once he got to heaven. Dad was the consummate professional and lived for the stage.  He was, and will always be to me, the greatest entertainer that walked the stage. - Chanelle Fisher
I clearly remember Paul as being a professional, dynamic & entertaining performer and all round nice bloke, and had the pleasure to back him on many occasions as part of the resident band at the Southern Cross Cabaret in Palmerston North.  Quite a unique Haka as I remember. Condolences to family and others who are close. - Neil Rowland
Before I was in The Avengers, which was quite a well known band in the 60s, I was in the Mustangs and at the age of about fifteen we had a Christmas residency playing the Rotorua Soundshell.  After playing to families sitting on the grass we moved our gear through a door to a hall that is behind the soundshell where we played to an older dancing crowd.  On another stage were The Satellites and I am pretty sure that Paul or did he call himself Ivor? was the singer.  We looked up to them as they were older and very good at what they did.  They were also really nice guys which we were grateful for, being so young. - Clive Cockburn
From Ritchie Sims

Ivor Fisher and the Satellites - "Call on Cupid"

Ivor Fisher and the Satellites - "Lookie, Lookie, Lookie"
Very sad to hear of Paulís passing....It brought back great memories of Paul and working with him in Hamilton and other shows.  He was always so bright and happy to see you...a great performer and singer.  One thing is for sure...Paulís memory and of those he has touched...will last forever.  RIP.  - Gray Bartlett
It was with some sadness that I read of the passing of Paul Ivor Fisher, in the Herald this morning.  Paul was from Hamilton and I believe he was part of the band called the Satellites in the late sixties and early seventies.  Paul branched out and became a solo singer.  We, as Ben Tawhiti and The Mariners, resident at the old Milford marina Hotel from Ď67 toí71 had the pleasure of backing this very talented singer on many occasions.  I believe he had been ill for some time.  I would be interested to find an address for Paulís family so that I can send a card on behalf of the surviving members of the Mariners band; Alex Behrens, Keith McIntrye, Marsh Cook and myself. - Buddy Wilson
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