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First published August 2016

Reggie Ruka (Raureti Reginald Ruka Korako), passed away peacefully on 25 July 2016 peacefully at his home.  Reggie, a founder member of 'Classic Affair' (1968), moved to Australia where he joined 'Everton Park' and later he changed his name to Andre Santos and spent a few months with 'Mississippi'.


Very sad to hear about Reggie.  I played keyboards in the "Classic Affair".  Man some wild times and Reggie was my soul brother.  He was a fantastic entertainer and gave his all anywhere we played, including I might add a performance for the royal family at Western Springs Stadium.  Sail on Bro. - Bob Patient
I knew Reggie when he used to visit our nightclub in Christchurch and also I would catch up with him in the North Island.  Reggie was a very good musician.  Sympathies to all the family - Kevin Frewer  (Retalliation, Fantasy Band, Tom Thumb)
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