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First published September 2012

Ronnie can be contacted at

When Don Colville left Don's Problems, we got him as our manager for "The Trend".  Then a while later, Kevin O'Connor joined us on drums (I think Don would've clinched that deal) and the band just took off.  Kevin's solid drumming really suited a 3-piece backing band.  When we supported The Underdogs at the Downtown Niteclub, Bari Gordon (their manager) sacked them, and took us on our 1st tour.  That was a big step for us, 2 of us doing apprenticeships, Gary Hobbs in clothing retail, and Kevin.. well I'm sure he was working too..  A 3 month tour, based in New Plymouth, I sure have many fine memories.  Sadly Bari died near the end of the tour (at only 22), and we were stranded, out on the street, barely a cent between us.  Fortunately Kevin's dad (Bob) sent us the money so we could limp home.  We ran a concert at the Downtown shortly after, and raised enough to pay Bob back.  As I recall, the band went their own way not too much later after then, Kevin moving to ChCh, and me to Dunedin to join "Fantasy" (renamed "Odyssey") in 1973.  The Trend was a very young band, I was by far the oldest at 20 (I turned 21 on our tour and Kevin's dad sent me a beer mug, the only 21st pressie I got! - And I never drank then or now!) What memories..

I now play in a band here in Christchurch with the founding members of Odyssey from '73, and we are called "Crossroads".  

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