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First published January 2011

Scott passed away on 1st April 2010 at Levin where he had been living for a year or so since moving from Auckland.  His move was prompted by the formation of 'Reunion', a band made up of a few 'Relics' from the Tornados (Scott's band), Skyrockets, and Supersonics, whose main activity centers around the Levin area.  A funeral service was held for Scott at the Levin R.S.A. with friends and family.


Scotty was rhythm guitarist for the Tornado's from Titahi Bay in the early 60's.  I knew him in those days as 'musical acquaintance' more than a close friend.  His family home was just a few blocks from mine.  Our paths crossed on a few occasions when our band, 'The Supersonics', and his met up at functions such as youth clubs. 

A much closer friendship with Scotty evolved with the reunion of members of the Tornados, Skyrockets and Supersonics in March 2008, an event which led to the formation a new (old) band namely 'Reunion'.  He took on the task of revitalising his guitar skills with passion but was hampered by a severe arthritic related condition in his hands which surgery later on helped to some degree.  Perhaps a bigger obstacle was his other passion for 'refreshments of a sustaining nature' and he would sometimes turn up for a rehearsal 'fully refreshed'.  It was a little sad to see his inflated enthusiasm die as soon as he picked up his guitar.  This difficult situation led to him having to be let go from the band, a decision that weighed heavily on us all, however, in complete defiance of any hard feeling or resentment that one might expect under such circumstances, at our very next gig there was Scotty, minus guitar, to support and encourage us!  He continued this support for subsequent gigs and gatherings! 

Thank you Scotty for showing me such an example of humility that I will never forget.  May you always rest in peace. - Pat Southee (March 2011)
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